Abilities are extra features that helps the player during combat featured in Raze 2 and Raze 3. Abilities can be used by pressing the F button and have different effects and recharge times.

Raze 2Edit

Name Description Unlock requirements

Raze 3Edit

Abilities Edit

Name Description Unlock requirements
Static Blade Designed to easily reflect projectiles. Can also lightly damage enemies.
(recharge time: 3 seconds)
4 stars; 750c
Medikit Release a healing pulse to heal all nearby allies for 50% HP.
(recharge time: 17 seconds)
9 stars; 1000c
EMP Wave Release an EMP around you that massively reduces enemy accuracy.
(recharge time: 7 seconds)
15 stars; 1250c
Static Field Lock down into a field of static electricity. Reflects all projectiles and reduces enemy accuracy.
(recharge time: 8 seconds)
22 stars; 1500c
Stealth Camo Go completely invisible for 5 seconds. Firing a weapon ends the effect quicker.
(recharge time: 17 seconds)
27 stars; 1750c
Vamp Grenade Throw a grenade that damages and steals 30 health from each enemy hit.
(recharge time: 8 seconds)
33 stars; 2000c
Katana One of the sharpest blades known to man. High damage, can reflect projectiles with precise aiming.
(recharge time: 2 seconds)
40 stars; 2250c
Repulsion Field Lock down into a field of static electricity. Reflects all projectiles and amplifier their damage by 10%.
(recharge time: 11 seconds)
46 stars; 2500c
Teleport Teleport to a random place on the map. Useful to escape a bad situation, or get into the action quicker.
(recharge time: 7 seconds)
52 stars; 2750c
Incendiary Spike Throw a sticky grenade that damages and sets everyone nearby on fire.
(recharge time: 6 seconds)
29 stars; 3000c
Time Shift Warp time around you to double all movement and firing speed for 3 seconds.
(recharge time: 3 seconds)
64 stars; 3250c
Rapid Fire Generates the Rapid Fire powerup for 4 seconds.
(recharge time: 8 seconds)
Premium Content
Double Damage Generates the Double Damage powerup for 4 seconds.
(recharge time: 10 seconds)
Premium Content
Invincible Generates the Invincible powerup for 4 seconds.
(recharge time: 11 seconds)
Premium Content

Perks Edit

Name Description Unlock requirements
Battery Siphon Kills recharge 15% of your ability. 3 stars; 750c
Flux Capacitor Ability damage/effect is 20% more effective. 19 stars; 1000c
Ammo Generator Picking up weapons give additional ammo. 36 stars; 1250c
Power Retainer Powerups in game last 2x longer. 51 stars; 1500c
Ammo Siphon Kills add a clip to your weapon. Premium content
Name Description Unlock requirements
Blast Padding Shield slowly regenerates, but max shield is 25 (instead of 100). 8 stars; 750c
Nano Machines Health slowly regenerates, 2x faster when below 25 health. 24 stars; 1000c
Life Support Large attacks will reduce you to 1 health instead of killing you. 41 stars; 1250c
Weapon ID's Damage from your own weapons reduced by 50% 56 stars; 1500c
Life Siphon Kills return 20 health. Premium content
Name Description Unlock requirements
High Grip Allows you to climb onto ledges, making jumps much easier. 13 stars; 750c
Backup Boost Enables a 3rd jump. It's small, but helpful. 29 stars; 1000c
Power Slide Gives a speed boost when running and crouching. (4 second cooldown) 45 stars; 1250c
Marathon Increase running speed by 15%. 61 stars; 1500c
Speed Siphon Kills double speed for 2 seconds. Premium content

Trivia Edit

  • The Nano Machines perk is a reference to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeace, specifically when Raiden asks Senator Armstrong, “Why won’t you die!?” His response, “Nanomachines, son”, became a meme soon after the game’s release.