Alien Commander 1

The Alien Commander appears during the final stage of the Human Campaign. Unlike his Alien comrades, the Alien Commander wields the Destroyer gun and a suit of power armor, replete with visor. He is a very tough opponent to take on. Alien Commander is leader and boss of Aliens.

He is apparently the only leader and Boss of the Alien Armada, as there is no other apparent heirarchy among the Aliens until Raze 2.


  • He wields the Destroyer.
  • He looks like the aliens in Human campaign in mission 2 - 3.
  • He is only seen on the last level of the Human Campaign.
  • Like most bosses at the end of the campaigns in Juice-Tin's games, the Alien Commander is one of the many "evil overlords" who wield an overpowered weapon and duel one on one with the player.
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