IMG 1431

The appearance of the Alien Leader.

IMG 1445

The Alien Leader fighting a soldier.

The Alien Leader is the commander of the alien forces in Raze 3. He is an alien with purple armor, and hooved feet. He has glowing orange eyes. He usually wields the Blunderbuss and the Devastator.

In the human campaign, he first appears when the ERT squad is cleaning up the zombies. Then he comes in many other levels, in which he taunts the humans and says things religious like, "Humans will be converted as sinners.'

In the last level, the Alien Leader reveals that he can (or had made a new technology) teleport through time. He takes the player back through the levels. Dialogue is also the same.

The Alien Leader is the third boss of the Raze game trilogy (the others also are alien leaders; however, both were killed if you successfully completed the human campaign.

In the last level of the Alien Campaign, you play as him and you have super health and can warp time as well.


  • He wields the Blunderbuss a lot.
  • The Alien Leader is the only enemy in Raze 3 that can teleport throughout time.
  • The player appear to have the same skin as the Alien Leader in the alien campaign; only the colors you select are different.
  • In the last level, the alien leader's time warp can be used against him. Every time he warps, your fellow humans respawn and get back into the fighting. However,
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