Alien 1

An Alien.

Aliens are one of the races you can play as and fight against in Raze and Raze 2.

Aliens are the main creatures that are the antagonists in the whole series.

Notable AliensEdit

Raze Edit

Unnamed Desert AlienEdit

Alien 1

  • The Player Controls the red-armored Desert Alien through most of the Alien Campaign.


Gnarthuk 1

He is seen only in the first Raze, in both the human and the alien campaign.

Alien Commander

Alien Commander 2
He is the leader of the Alien army. He is seen and fought at the end of the Human Campaign.

Raze 2 Edit

Unnamed Commander Alien

  Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 5.43.39 PM

The player controls the commander throughout the Alien Campaign

Other Alien Commanders also appear in the mid-last levels of the Human Campaign, with the abiltiy to teleport. 


Raze 3 Edit

Alien Leader

He is the leader of all the Aliens seen in Raze 3.

He appears in the 14th level of the Human Campaign Armageddon.

After trying to control the Harvester, by the 15th level, David and Goliath it ends up destroyed, and some sort of liquid falls on top of the Alien Leader, this gives him much more health, and if the Player lowers it to a certain level, he goes back into time, putting the Player back into the stages of the previous levels, also playing the dialogue from those levels.

When going back into time, new alien minions appear, so it's no use killing them.

When he's killed, the end cutscene will play, and the Human Campaign will end.




Raze 2Edit


The aliens bear a resemblance of the enemies from the Alien and Halo games.

The true name of the aliens in the series is unknown.

The purpose of Aliens in Raze 3 is to take Earth as their new home world and destroy humans as they are responsible for their home world's destruction.

It is unknown which alien that player took control in Raze 3.

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