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The Assault Rifle is a Human automatic weapon in Raze. It has relatively low damage compared to other weapons, but it is accurate and has a high rate of fire, quickly releasing low damage shots can deal a lot of pain.


The Assault Rifle is a good weapon at no range, but it will sometimes jam (the avatar will look like it has glitched the gun). To unjam the rifle, you must reload another weapon. If in quickmatch and you are playing with the AR only, you can also pause and unpause the game. It is very annoying, but it works.

When reloading the AR, it is best ot take cover or move around a lot until a new clip is inserted.

In-game Description[]

The standard human assault rifle issued to all human soldiers combines speed and power to make it one of the best automatics around. While not as powerful as the Magnum 9, it delivers 15 rounds per second with a clip size of 30. It may not seem too powerful, but it's deadly in the right hands.