Blaze is one of the leading characters in Raze 3. He seems to act as the Demolitions specialist for the Raze team in the Human campaign.


Blaze's skin in the armory.


Blaze as seen with his helmet on.

Description Edit

Blaze is an African-American male probably somewhere in his 20's. His head is completely shaved clean, and his body is heavily built with a great deal of muscle. He wears a dark orange armor that leaves his arms exposed, and sometimes wears a helmet resembling that of the MJOLNIR EVA Armor from the Halo series. Suiting his name and role, he uses Explosives and Incendiaries, such as the Kite, Flamethrower, Burster, Thumper Mk V, and Rocket Launcher. As a Demolitions expert, he has the Incendiary Spike grenades equipped as his ability.

Personality-wise, Blaze appears to have a gung-ho attitude, eager to rush into battle with a "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality. Despite his enthusiasm, he is often taken by surprise by unexpected events, like when the Aliens' Harvester turned the ERT soldiers into zombies, and when the Aliens attacked the lab where the Harvester was being studied.

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