Close Range


Multi-shot, Homing



"Hits your enemies so hard, their past selves will feel it. Gives an extra credit bonus for each kill."-Description

The Blunderbuss is a special shotgun from Raze 3.


The Blunderbuss is the 6th weapon of the Close Range category. It is exceptionally powerful and can kill most unshielded enemies in one shot. Its homing capability is usually not needed but can be useful in certain situations.

Compared to the other close range weapons, the Blunderbuss has a shorter range and shoots slower than the others, but its immense power makes up for its shortcomings. Note that not all shells are able to travel at long distances, so a medium range it might not make a good amount of damage.

As the description says, it gives an extra credit bonus for each kill, making it a good investment.

Trivia Edit

In Raze 3, the Alien Leader and all of his minions use the Blunderbuss excessively and can easily one-shot the player.

Upgrades (abilities)Edit

Barrel Trigger Grip Price
Silencer Hair Trigger Grip 442c
Heated Barrel

(Headshot+, Crotchshot+, Buttshot+)

Auto Trigger


Magnetic 485c
Spiral Barrel Bolt Trigger Ergonomic 527c
Auto Barrel


Memory Foam 570c
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