Allies: Pvt. Miller, Pvt. Richards, Cpt. Simmons

Enemies: Zombie, Zombie, Zombie, Zombie

Map: Abandonment

Armor: Skeletal Armor

Medium, Team Elimination, 4 vs 4, 20 lives per team


  • Since "Abandonment" is a small map, make sure you are always watching your back. Enemies can pop up from anywhere at anytime.
  • The crane lift platform (where the Double Damage is) is a good place for snipers and long-range weapon wielders.
  • Don't forget to pick up the shields as often as possible.
  • Because "Abandonment" is a practically parallel map, it is believed both sides are equally good. However, the right side of the map is generally safer.
  • To get from one building to the other without having to traverse the ground, you can double jump from the crane; time it well.
  • The health id in the middle of the field; beware of nearby enemies.
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