Equipment is a type of weaponry featured in Raze 2. Equipments are small assets helps the player. Unlike abilities, equipment is toggled indirectly by the player, and cannot be toggled off. Equipment consists of Defensive, Utility and Offensive.

Raze 2Edit

Defensive Equipement Description Cost
Medipack Quickly regenerate health when under 40%. 800 cr
Combat Armor +50% max health. 1600 cr
Flux Capacitor -20% all damage when you have a shield. 400 cr
Armor Plating Immune to fire and critical hits to head/butt/crotch. 1200 cr
Adrenaline Boost Fatal attacks will reduce you to 1% health. 2000 cr
Utility Equipment Description Cost
Point Allocator +2 Credits earned per kill. 600 cr
Pickup Booster +60% health/shield from pickups. 900 cr
Power Extender +40% powerup duration. 1200 cr
Cooling Packs +30% faster ability recharge. 1500 cr
Shield Battery Spawn with 25% shield. 1800 cr
Offensive Equipement Description Cost
Stabilizer +40% weapon accuracy. 1000 cr
Spiral Chamber Weapons fire further. 1200 cr
Target Maker +20% damage to heads, crotches and butts. 1400 cr
Hair Trigger +20% weapon fire speed. 1600 cr
Extra Clips Pick up weapons with full ammo. 1800 cr
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