Ex. Treem

Extreem, wielding a pistol in this pose, had a good eye for how far to toss a grenade.

Ex. Treem is a explosive tactics soldier with red armor. He fought bravely with the Raze soldier in Raze 2. He was armed with grenades, flamethrowers and any explosive weapon. Infamous thorughout the Global Army for having a big mouth, he often enrages alien enemies into reckless charges, then can easily kill them. In "The Final Deployment," Ex. Treem dies with his long-time squad comrades, Md. Sage, his best friend, and J. Rockit. His last words were "Eugh!!! Its.. been an honor fighting by your side!" before sadly being shot and killed by the alien commander. In the end of the level, Ex. Treem is most likely going to be K.I.A, but if you finish the level and gun down the alien commanders before he dies, he will live on.


  • Starter: M9 Barret
  • Sidearm: Burstorch
  • Close-Range: Particle Cannon
  • Automatic: Assault Bouncer
  • Long-Range: Holy Grail
  • Heavy: Flamethrower
  • Explosive: Ion Cannon
  • Ability: Grenade


  • He is a creeped out by water.
  • He's a Pyromanic, often seen through out that game.
  • His name is a play on the word " extreme".
  • He uses some Alien guns because some of the Alien guns have fire
  • He calls himself "Explosive Specialist"
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