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Unavailable for purchase

The Frozen Death is an Explosive weapon found in Raze 2.


The Frozen Death is an automatic launcher that fires small homing missiles. It is very similar to it's smaller brother, the Ice Hunter. However, this weapon has a larger clip (14 rockets versus 5 in Ice Hunter). The Frozen Death is a powerful weapon that can decimate almost any enemy by constantly raining down a barrage of Frozen Rockets.

In-game appareanceEdit

This weapon is found in the alien campaign, where it is mentioned in the mission "The Pickup" in the crashed Echo-1 where aliens are trying to acquire it from humans. Later, it was used in the next one "Rocket Race", in the map Frostbite. According to the Alien Commander, this weapon only works in cold weather.

Tactics Edit

Use the "fire-and-forget" tactics. Fire a bunch of missiles toward enemy from a distance, then run. As the default trajectory of the rockets is slightly arched, you can shoot them over small hills and therefore hit the enemy behind the hill while he can't hit you. Don't be greedy, launch missiles most of the time around you to take chances at hitting the enemy just after him appearing on the screen. Learn typical locations of enemies and patterns of their movement and launch rockets towards these locations even before you actually see the enemy.

Don't bother launching rockets ahead of you while flying off jump pads, as the rockets don't receive your acceleration and fly at almost the same speed as you are. So if there is an enemy at the place where you're going to land, Frozen Death won't help. Instead, launch the rockets backward and downwards, in the latter case there are pretty good chances of hitting an off-screen enemy.

Don't use at close range because you'll get the explosion damage. Use Shotgun instead.


  • This is a very unique weapon. compared to the Ice Hunter, it's deadlier and more effective, mainly due to increased clip size
  • It fires the same Frozen Heat-seeking rounds, but at a slower pace.
  • Some players call it "Frozen Hell" because of it's barrage of rockets when fired automatically.
  • It is a human weapon, as aliens acquire it from humans in a battle.
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