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Holy Grail
Holy Grail stats




Long Range




2600 cr

The Holy Grail is a long range weapon wielded by the aliens in Raze 2.


It is the 4th at the list of sniper rifles. It is one of the most damaging weapons in the game. However, it has only 1 round per magazine. The description presents an interesting, yet bizzare fact about the weapon: Some say this weapon draws it's power from the sun. No one knows for sure, but a direct hit will kill most non-shielded enemies. Presumably because of this, the resupply ability does not effect it. As the description above says that this gun will kill most non shielded enemies that have about 100 health, so it cannot 1 shot the Raze Soldier during Rocket Race or A Soldier's Demise. Although it is a 1-shot-one kill weapon, it's main disadvantages is its slow-reloading and lack of sufficient ammunition. Since it has one-hit-kill power it synergizes well with ability Cloak. A good tactic is to go invisible, then go behind your enemy, and shoot. If the opponent does not have any shield, one shot should finish him/her. It also specializes in getting through Adrenaline with its short lasting fire. A headshot can even one-shot most enemies with their shields.


Because the Holy Grail has only one round, it is advised to take cover and reload with caution.