Johnny Rockit is the humans' highest ranking officer, taking the spot of Sergeant Johnson from Raze. He walks you through the ropes of combat and will help you through most of the campaign.

He dies in the final mission, not living long enough to witness the Raze Soldier save humanity. Right before his death, he desperately says these last words: "Before I die.. Kill them all... Please... Kill them all." You can save him if you kill the aliens before he is killed. He was killed by the Alien Commanders.


  • Starter: Ripper
  • Sidearm: Magnum
  • Short-Range: Terminator
  • Automatic: Assault Rifle
  • Long-Range: .50 Caliber
  • Heavy: Laser Minigun
  • Explosive: Ion Cannon
  • Ability: Katana
  • Equipment: Adrenaline Boost


  • He wears the Miner Skin while playing the mission "Sweep and Clear".
  • He wears the Space Skin while playing the mission "Retrieval".
  • There is an skin that bears a striking resemblence to Johnny Rockit called Johnny Rambo, where he wears clothes similar to John Rambo, from the movie Rambo.
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