M22 Lusa
Origin: Human
Weapon Type: Side Arm
Special: Autofire
Unlocked with: 1 Star
Price: 750c

"A very fast but inaccurate submachine gun. Weak at distance but deadly up close"
―In-game description

The M22 Lusa is an automatic side arm featured in Raze 3.


The M22 Lusa is the second in its category, after the M9 Barrett and before the Punisher, and the only side arm to be full automatic.

It has relatively low damage and is inaccurate at every range, except close quarters. It can be seen as a equivalent of Raze 2's Ripper. Its high rate of fire makes it very effective in close quarters compared to all of the other pistols. If you spawn next to an enemy, open fire towards him for an easy kill. With Heated Barrel, one bullet may hit the head and another hit the crotch for massive damage.

The M22 Lusa is also extremely effective with the Incendiary Clip, although the ammo is reduced.

Notable UsersEdit

  • Priest will often use the M22 in campaign missions.


M22 Lusa Upgrades (Effects)
Barrel  Grip Clip Price
Silencer Grip Extended Clip 232c
Muzzle Break Magnetic Double Clip 265c

Heated Barrel



Incendiary Clip

(Fire+ but reduces

clip size)

Spiral Barrel Memory Foam 330c


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