M9 Barret
M9 Barret(Raze 3)
M9 Barret stats
Origin: Human
Weapon Type: Side Arm
Special: None
Unlocked with: Already unlocked
Price: Free

"Standard issue pistol given to all ERT soldiers. Does exceptional damage to enemy crotches"
―In-game Description

The M9 Barrett is the initial pistol in Raze 3.


Is a basic starter pistol, which has average stats and can kill an average enemy with few shots. However, posseses a great critical if shots over enemy crotches.


M9 Barret Upgrades (Abilities)
Barrel Trigger Grip Price
Silencer Hair Trigger Grip 180c
Muzzle Break

Auto Trigger


Magnetic 210c

Heated Barrel


Bolt Trigger Ergonomic 240c
Spiral Barrel Memory Foam 270c
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