Md. Sage was a soldier who fought with the Raze soldier in Raze 2. He was mainly a field medic, but did extensive damage to enemy soldiers (his favorite weapon was the Uzi). In "Final Deployment," Md. Sage was confirmed K.I.A along with his closest comrades: J. Rockit and Ex. Treem. His last words were: I... I've learnt so much.. thank you. His death was caused by acidic corrosion by an Alien Commander; the body was unrecognizable save for the iconic blue armor. You can save him if you beat the level before the aliens.

Starter: M9 Barrett

Side Arm: Uzi


Md. Sage with a rare pose holding a pistol, of all things.

Close Range:

Automatic: Hail Storm

Long Range: 50 cal. Sniper

Heavy: Laser Minigun

Explosives: Ice Hunter

Abilty: Medic Backpack

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