Photon Blaster




Side Arm


Headshot++, Crotchshot+, Buttshot+, Burstfire, Homing



"In the right hands, the Photon Blaster is absolutely deadly. Its spray of heated plasma leaves no one standing"-Description

The Photon Blaster is an alien pistol in Raze 3.


This weapon is the first Alien side arm that is unlocked after the Vamp Charger. While based on the old Photon Blaster of Raze 2, this weapon now has a 3-round burst and homing capabilities, being deadly in some cases. However, has medium range and slow speed, compared with other pistols.

It is interesting to note that this weapon homes in differently than the other homing weapons. Unlike the others, which directly home in on the target, the Photon Blaster's rounds travel in an arc until they come close to an enemy, then beginning to home in.

Upgrades (abilities)Edit

Barrel Trigger Grip Price
Silencer Hair Trigger Grip 442c
Muzzle Break Bolt Trigger Magnetic 485c
Heated Barrel

(Headshot+, Crotchshot+,Buttshot+)

Ergonomic 527c
Memory Foam 570c

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon bears a lot of similarities to the Plasma Pistol used by Grunts in the Halo francise.
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