Battle in the plant

A simple battle in the plant... GRENADE!!!

Acid Plant Raze 1

The Acid.


Plant is a map in Raze. It is completely symmetrical.


This level is well known for its moderately thick platforms and its 2 acid pools at the bottom of the map which drains a player's health slowly. The plant is actually a power station, one of the humans main sources. That's why the aliens wanted to sabotage it. Bio Uzi's seem to always appear in the Acid, even in quick match, if the player's setup allows them. There is also a platform almost right in the middle of the map which houses a rocket launcher. Interestingly, on either side of the rocket launcher spawn point, there are two glass tubes that hold what seem to be two creepy alien lifeforms. There is a glitch where the CPU opponents get caught walking back and forth in the pools of acid at the bottom of the map. Take advantage of this by sniping these stuck enemies with a long range weapon such as a railgun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, or even chaingun. Also take advantage of the invincibility on the top half of the map and the double damage on the bottom half.

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