Grenade Launcher 1
Plasma Grenade Launcher Clip
Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher in Raze being fired.

The Troll Bomb Launcher is an Alien Explosive in Raze. It has a large clip (10) and deals heavy damage. The grenades stick to an enemy or surface and explode after one second. Two grenades can usually guarantee a kill if stuck directly to any enemy (without shields).

Its not recommended as a first-choice weapon, due to its slow fire rate and requirement to before the kill is executed. However, it is good for clearing regions of enemies before you enter, firing out of sight helps greatly, or firing onto platforms above the player. As with the Rocket Launcher, its explosives can carry through platforms and walls. For instance, say you wanted to kill the alien using the grenade launcher in the picture to the right. Stick two grenades to the underside of the platform, directly under the alien. One grenade removes half of the life, two removes the soul.

Clip Bullets Origin Game
10 Plazma sticky nades Alien Raze
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