Priest is one of the leading characters in Raze 3. He acts as the medic for the Raze team in the Human campaign.

Description Edit

Priest is a Caucasian male probably in his early 20's. He has short reddish-brown hair, and wears white and orange armor that likely indicates his occupation as a medic. Despite his cowardly disposition, he has a largely close-quarters oriented arsenal, consisting of the M22 Lusa, Assault Rifle, Terminator, Blunderbuss and Devastator. Being a medic, he has the MediKit equipped as his ability.

Personality-wise, Priest first appears to be something of a coward in the beginning stages of the Human campaign. However, as the campaign progresses, he eventually gets over his fears. Priest also seems to possess some scientific knowledge; the first time he demonstrates this is when he translates the glyphs in the Aliens' temple.


New RecruitsEdit

"Wha...What? Did he field testing?"

"Uhh...Death chamber? I'll pass."

The CleanupEdit

"Wah, one touched me! Medic! Oh, wait...I'm a medic!"

" alien!"

Old FriendsEdit

"It looks like some sort of...underground civilization..."

"Did you feel that? Some sort of earthquake?"

Strange DiscoveryEdit

"I think I'm starting to understand these glyphs..."

"It looks like they believe in a higher power."

"That machine we saw earlier...It looks like they worship it."

"It says the machine will...'Convert all Sinners'."

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