Railgun Clip
Railgun 1

The Railgun being fired.

Raze 1 Railgun

Raze 1 Railgun.

Railgun (Also known as Thundergun) is an Alien Long Range weapon in Raze. It will pierce through multiple enemies and deals high damage, yet fires slow and only has 3 rounds.

Game DescriptionEdit

Nicknamed the 'Thundergun', this gun gets it's nickname from it's appearance. It uses advanced technology to shoot a small conducting projectile at high speeds, which pierces any organic or lightly armored entity it touches. Immediately after being shot, the gun releases an extremely high voltage current, which is promptly drawn to the conducting bullet, leaving a high powered arc between the gun and impact area. The release of high voltage requires the gun to recharge after every shot.


It is a gun that fires a focused, high voltage thunder bolt that will pierce the target. It may sometimes instantly kill and enemy when shot in the head, however it will recharge for each shot it makes and will make it painfully to reload because it will still recharge before the magazine can be removed. In Raze 2 the Rail Gun looks like the 50cm but is red. The Raze 1 Rail Gun is the Electro Bolt in Raze 2. It has a blue, small magazine, a black barrel, and transparent glass that turns blue when recharged. It can pierce through many enemies. This can be useful on maps like Base.


  • Electro Bolt, which appears in Raze 2, apparently is a modified version of this weapon. Also, another sniper rifle takes his name, the Railgun (Raze 2)
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