A scene from the first Raze; this map is called "Plant."

In 2117, alien technology was found outside of a secure testing facility fondly called by scientists and soldiers alike "The Plant." Specializing in mutative manipultion of acids and organ systems, as well as the alien technology, researchers were soon able to come up with a super-soldier program, which they decided to call Raze (the real motive behind the name is unclear). Unfortunately, the aliens wanted their technology back and attacked Earth in late 2117.

One Raze soldier was isolated from his squad to fight with marines and other soldiers. Viewed as one of the best, his presence was a morale booster in many a battle. His name was never given, and after the war, he had been infected with a zombie virus that the aliens had brought to earth.

The aliens were defeated after 11 months of grueling war; the death toll rose into 2 million.

The Raze soldiers were put into stasis in early 2119 and the Raze program was burned to the ground soon after. Public outcries were common because they believed the brave men and women who volunteered for the Raze project should be given a chance to fight the virus.

Ten years passed, and still there was no cure for the zombie virus. Certain sectors of cities, even entire cities, were quarantined; the infestation of the virus was so bad.

But the worst was yet to come in 2125.

The second war against the aliens was about to begin...

The Raze Soldier is put out of his sleep before healed from the zombie virus, because the aliens had begun to attack the Earth again.

The real motivation of this action is because a meteor strike was inbound and was going to oblibrate the alien planet and Earth. Cpt. Biggs did not realize the importance of the artifact he had captured.

When the humans finally learned what the artifacts did, they decided, "originally, we planned on giving it back; however the significance of the artifacts forces us to fight for it..." Something along the lines of that.

The humans actually get a hold of the 4 artifacts, and after a tough fight, finally places them in the nick of time.

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