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Raze 2 is the sequel to Raze. You play as Raze soldier trying to save humanity. The player has the option to save humanity or try destroy it. The game was released on 15th September 2011. There are more weapons, more features that was absent from the previous game. It was made by AddisonR and JuiceTin. its continuation is Raze 3.


Arm yourself with a vast array of weapons, equipment, and fight off alien forces and save the human race. Or become an enemy and fight for its destruction .....help ....


As with the first game, Raze 2 has fifteen levels.

Level 1: Breaking In[]

Level 2: Survivor Look out

Level 3: Sweep and Clear

level 4: Cause and Effect

level 5: Retrieval

level 6: New Recruits

level 7: Hold the fort

level 8: My first mission

level 9: Shocking Discovery

level 10: Strange Encounter

level 11: Trapped

level 12: Disposal

Level 13: Reclaimed

Level 14: Mutation

Level 15: Final Deployment

Human Ending[]

Bad Ending (if you quit in the middle of the final stage or fail to complete the mission in 4 minutes)

Dani: "Sir we were too late"

"The final artifact could not be placed in time and Earth was hit by a barrage of meteors. Within just a few short days, all humanity was lost"

Good Ending (if you beat the final stage of the Human Campaign)

"We made it, the final artifact has been placed!

All artifacts are now deployed and ready! Let's hope this works...

With the final artifact placed, the shields were able to go up just in time, and fully withstand the impact of the meteors, as well as absorb their force.

The artifacts proved to create a shield powerful enough to defend Earth from destruction.

It appeared that there was indeed hope left for humanity.

Or so they thought..."

Alien Ending[]

Bad Ending (if you fail to complete the final stage in the Alien Campaign)

Player/Commander: "Time is up comrades. We are all doomed."

Good Ending (if you beat the final stage of the Alien Campaign)

"The humans were killed and the artifact was activated. Earth was saved. We were successful.

By the time the first artifact was placed, we were already too late, our planet was doomed. So we devised a new plan, to secretly inhabit Earth with as much of our race as possible.

All the battles we fought were not real battles at all. They were distractions. We have actually planned on allowing the humans to place the final artifact and save their planet.

Over 45% of our planet was able to transfer to Earth undetected during all the chaos. It may take some time, but soon...

Earth will be ours."


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