Raze 2 Quick Match

Raze 2 Quick Match Screen

In Raze, you can customize Quick Matches to the way you want it. Here are a few customization modes that have been made for Quick Matches in Raze 2:

Raw Raze: Equipment-Off; Abilities-Off

Police Mode: 2 teams (Blue Team-Just you; Orange Team-3 [Any Difficulty equal or above Medium]); Weapons-Sidearms (personally, I like the Magnum); Match Type-Elimination (Lives-3 or 5); Equipment and Abilities-On or Off

Hunger Games Mode: 4 teams (2 Players on each team, your team being you and a computer player); Weapons-All; Match Type-Elimination (Lives-3); Equipment and Ablilities-On or Off

Feel free to add yours too, just don't edit my modes!

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