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A line of Raze soldiers


The Raze Soldier is the character the player plays as in the Human Campaign.

The Raze Soldier was part of the Raze Program, a program developed by the government to genetically train and alter a group of military volunteers and change them into super-soldiers, much like Captain America or the Master Chief.

In Raze 1, the Raze program was created using an "abandoned" alien factory found on Earth. Enraged, Aliens attacked Earth and humans determined to kill them so they do not spread information. The Raze Soldier, for some reason, was left behind, and was left with a group of marines to defend the Raze Plant.

Then, in the last few levels of Raze 1, the whole Raze program were infected by a zombie virus from "The Box" sent by aliens.

Shown in Raze 2, the bodies of Raze personnel were actually preserved until a cure was discovered. However, this changed when aliens attacked again. In desperation, the Raze Soldier was released before fully cured, dooming him.

He fought on, protecting and stealing the artifacts that Earth needed to survive.

At the end, the zombie virus took over; however, for some weird reason, the Raze Soldier did not turn on his teammates or go "brain-crazy." Instead, he gets 500% more health in the last level.

The Raze Soldier, in the end of Raze 2, died with honor and was honored a hero and memorialized as a war hero. Nobody knows what really happens to him after, because Raze 3 is not about the Raze soldier.


  • The Raze Soldier does not have any stated dialogue in the game.
  • The Raze Soldier was forced to kill his allies and friends in Raze 1, and watched all his new teammates die in Raze 2.
  • The Raze Soldier, in the Alien Campaign of Raze 2, seems to prefer the rocket launcher.
  • The Raze Soldier was killed and no longer Appears in Raze 3