Human 1

The Raze soldier that turned the tide of the first "Raze War."

Raze was the code-name for a elite task force formed in 2108.

In 2108, scientists discovered an "abandoned" alien plant on Earth. Using the technology inside, this enraged the aliens and sent an attack to stop the scientists and kill all Earthlings for their "sin" (see Raze 3.)

Scientists quickly, using the technology inside, made an genetically altered group of super-soldiers, code-named Raze. These soldiers were deployed to fight the Alien forces sent on Earth.

However, the Aliens sent a box containing a virus to Earth, spreading the infection far and wide, killing/infecting all of the Raze Soldiers, though a minor impact on the Raze Soldier.

In Raze 2, it is revealed that the Raze Task Force was actually saved and preserved inside tubes of gel. The Raze Soldier was released early in order to defend against the Alien attack,, dooming him.

Known MembersEdit

Know members of the Raze Task Force include:


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