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Welcome to the Raze Wiki[]

This wiki is about the flash game Raze which has been made by Addison Rodomista (AddisonR) and Justin Goncalves (Juice-Tin). Battle against Aliens, Robots, and Zombies in this futuristic fight for the survival of earth. Or be the enemies and fight for the destruction of it. Or if you like playing against others there are multiple game modes.

There are multiple classes that you can choose from.

Justin and Addison are now in a company called Sky9 Games along with Mike Sleva (artist for Siegius, Strike Force Heroes, and other games). Visit http://sky9games.com/?p=aboutus for more info.


Information about Raze.

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Raze 2

Information about Raze 2.

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Tips and Tricks on weapons in the game!

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Stradin Stradin 10 August 2020

Raze 3 Remix

will rebalance everything in raze 3 once I'm finished with sfh and sfh 2

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Stradin Stradin 10 August 2020

Raze 2 Remix

I rebalanced everything in the game and made both a normal and hard mode of both campaigns. idk where I should post em tho

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Misteus Misteus 15 March 2020

This wiki needs help.

I am making this blog post to tell you why this wiki is bad.

Anybody could come here and spam in a bunch of edits and pages, deleting good edits, spamming...

And no one could stop it, the owner of this…

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