Rocket Race is the 14th level of the Alien Campaign.



Raze 2 Rocket Race 1

Try to collect the shield and double damage often.

Recommend LoadoutEdit


Survives a fatal shot. Can withstand one of the Raze Soldier's rockets, not two though, only exception if you can heal quickly after.

Critical for the stage.

Only thing that makes the Destroyer effective in this stage. makes the Holy Grail more reliable, and the Terminator better.


  • Pass the shield and double damage frequently, Holy Grail and Frozen Death can quickly eliminate the Raze Soldier if double damage is active. If raze fires a rocket, use static field. He'll destroy himself, you can one shot the Raze Soldier with Holy Grail if double damage is active. shields will also be useful.
  • Avoid reloading Frozen Death and switching to another weapon instead. If you need to reload, switch to a different weapon and reload while camping in the corner. If the enemies are in the corner camp near the double damage, if there are in both location destroy them.Raze will go in one shot will Holy Grail if you have x2 damage active. Prioritize with these three weapons.

Try to camp the double damage and shield often, so enemies do not get them.

Victory Screen Raze 2 Rocket Race

It is not impossible.

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