Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle Clip

The Sniper Rifle is Human weapon that appears in Raze and Raze 2. It deals high damage and fires quickly; it has a good accuracy as well, yet holds only 5 rounds. Because of its low ammo count, its necessary to kill the target within two shots, if not one. According to the description of the weapon, the sniper rifle is powerful enough to pierce tank armor and kill the operator inside. Headshots are a must to survive with this weapon since they are mostly one shot one kill when aimed at the head. Crouching also greatly helps with an accurate shot. In Raze 2, this rifle's ammo was somehow nerfed to

In-game Description Edit

The most powerful Sniper Rifle on the market. It fires a .80 caliber round, cutting through most armor like butter. It's used in the military to shoot through tanks (or other heavily armored vehicles), killing the operating personal inside. A headshot will almost always render even the toughest targets lifeless.


1.Aim for the head.

2.Conserve ammo.

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