Static Field is an ability featured in Raze 2 and Raze 3.

Raze 2 Edit

Static Field


1300 cr


10 seconds


Invincibility; Reflection


1.5 seconds

"By putting out a short but extremely powerful magnetic field, the wearer will be able to briefly deflect all incoming attacks.

However, because the magnetic field is so strong, the wearer will also be locked down and unable to perform any actions until the field wears off."


The Static Field is a Defensive ability featured in Raze 2 and purchasable for 1300 credits.

The player has to touch the ground or any flat surface in order to activate the static field, therefore it cannot be used while the player is airborne. Once activated, the Static Field will create a dome-like structure around the player that protects the player from all incoming attacks. The Static Field has a short duration and the player will not be able to move or attack during said time. This is useful if the player is outnumbered by enemies in close range.

Raze 3 Edit

"Lock down into a field of static electricity. Reflects all projectiles and reduces enemy accuracy."


The Static Field returns in Raze 3 with some similar properties from its predecessor. It is available once the player has collected 22 stars and costs 1500c.

As with the Raze 2 variant of the Static Field, the player will have to land on solid surface in order to use it. While it still reflects oncoming projectiles, it also generates EMP which will affect enemies walking past it.The generated EMP will negate enemy's accuracy in half and lasts for a short period of time.

The Static Field needs 8 seconds to recharge after every use.

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