Enemies: Training Bot
Raze 1 Training Day

Training Day

Very Easy, Deathmatch, 1 vs 1, 5 kills to win

Alright soldier, since you're new to the battlefield we're going to run you through this quick obstacle course in our facility, complete it, and you'll be killin' aliens in no time!

1. Movement: Press the arrow keys or WASD to move, jump, and duck. (Space can also be used to jump)

2. Double Jump: Jump, then jump again while in the air to use your jump jets to double jump.

3. Jump Boost: Some areas may alter your jump like this one. It will allow you to jump very high off it.

4. Environment: Some areas will have effects on you which may alter your speed, gravity, jump height, or even damage you.

5. Air Jump: To get across, run off the platform, then press jump when you reach the green target.

6. Weapons: Press Q/W, Enter/Shift or number keys to switch weapons. Press R to manually reload.

7. Aiming and Shooting: Use the mouse to aim and shoot. (Ducking slightly increases accuracy, while jumping reduces it)

8. Health and Shields: Collect health and shield powerups to boost your health or shields, making you harder to kill.

9. Win the Fight: Kill the enemy 5 times to win the tutorial. Press Ctrl/P to pause, or Tab to view scores.

10. Enemies and You: Your healthbar has a thick line around it, teammates and enemies do not have this line.