• Mburton2885

    I became a zombie.

    I remember very little after they took my journal away. "Too dangerous," the doctors said. "Recording what you've seen isn't healthy for anyone." Yeah, bull. I was put to sleep in a cryo-chamber and was awakened only to save the world again.

    I'm not a friggin' machine, I'm a human being. I'm a soldier, not a weapon. I have a conscience, a moral code.

    So I escaped cryo the second time. I researched and made my own antidote to the zombie virus, now called OZVS. I've run away to the farthest place from the Raze program. I'm on my own. I'm an army of one.

    You could say I came back from the dead. The day I left the Raze base, I declared that I was no longer a disposable weapon for use in war. I will fight this war, but I'll fight…

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  • Mburton2885

    Hey guys, it's Mburton2885, the author of "The Soldier Within" mini-series. Sorry that I've only gotten 5 entries in, but I decided to take an intermission, if you will, from it for a while. Maybe when Raze 3 comes out, I'll start up again. For now, you'll just have to wait. Best wishes to you, and keep an eye out for Raze 3!

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  • Mburton2885

    Top 5:

    1. Heathen: Two teams, yourself on Blue with no team mates, and the Orange Team has six bots. 4x health, automatics only.
    2. FML Mode: Three teams, all with six players (yourself included). Domination on a small map, such as Base or the Mines. Sidearms only, play to 100 points, no power-ups allowed.
    3. Possibly Painful: Free for all deathmatch with no power-ups on base. Rocket fight. Dear God.
    4. ...Goes the Dynamite: Grenade Launchers only, free for all on any map, no power-ups, 4x health.
    5. XXL: LOL Cats mode, explosives only, bigger maps, Capture the Flag.
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  • Mburton2885

    War isn't a game.

    I learned it the hard way. At 24,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico, there was an alien cargo ship headed towards one of their battleships. It was my job to intercept the ship and steal the supplies, no matter the cost. We took robots, soldiers, everything we had. We needed those supplies badly.

    Dozens of soldier were killed. Robot parts lay everywhere. Alien blood mixed with the deep crimson of human blood. It was sickening.

    We finally obtained the supplies, but at a great cost to our own forces. We might actually win this war. But maybe we are too blind to see what we don't want to.

    I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that the aliens have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

    And it could be fatal.

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  • Mburton2885

    I killed people.

    They were zombies, but they were people. It was horrible.

    First though, I better start from the beginning. Sgt. Johnson took a sqaud into downtown L.A. to check out some damage done to a building in the East Sector overnight. Turns out that an alien beacon had been placed in two seperate buildings. All the people inside were dead; the buildings looted and trashed.

    Then, an ambush. Johnson lost his entire sqaud; I was sent in for backup. We seemed to be making quick work of most of the aliens... Then the zombies came.

    All the dead bodies in the buildings came to life with the alien beacon's power. They were so damage-resistent, too. A well-placed sniper bullet in the dome didn't always kill them. We eventually finished them off, but b…

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