Raze-2 2
In 2125, the same alien race that had waged war against Earth in 2117 returned. In those six years, a cure for the zombie virus that the aliens brought to Earth had still not been found. It would turn out that a weak cure would be conjured up from researchers in Germany four years later.

The second coming of the aliens was much more violent than their first attempted invasion. the death toll reached 150,000 in just the first month of war. Frantically searching for a solution, someone brought up the then decommisioned "Raze" program.

Only one Raze soldier had shown any sign of resistance for the virus. He was pulled out of stasis solely to help preserve the human race. After relearning the ropes of combat, he was thrust into the thick of the war, fighting aliens and zombies for days on end.

It would soon be found out that the humans had discovered some more alien tecnology, but this time, the aliens seemed desperate in the most extreme degree to get it back. Curious, The Republic of Russian States' lab scientists studied the artifact.

It just so happened that the artifact was one of four, and if they were placed at certain locations around the globe, they formed a force field of sorts. The thing that bothered the scientists was the question of why the aliens wanted the artifacts so badly.

after studies and research were conducted through the galaxy, it was discovered that a meteor shower of gigantic proportions was headed towards Earth. The aliens must have felt threatened as well andwere bloodthristy for those artifacts.

Moral lines were crossed and the humans decided that if it was "them or us," they were going to have to die. The war in the following two years would be excruitiating for both sides; an estimated 4 million humans died, and about 5 million alien soldiers died. The bloodiest war in the history of the entire world is recorded as "The Second Raze."

The final artifact was placed in a testing dome in the United States of America by the lone Raze soldier, already ravaged by the zombie virus. His acts of heroism would never be forgotten by the inhabitants of Earth.