Don't Get Excited Yet

[Raze 1 on Armor Games]

[Raze 2, the sequel to the hit flash shooter, on Armor Games]

Now, after you've played them both, GET EXCITED!!!

But really, the hype is all real. Addison Rodomista (AddisonR) and Justin Goncalves (Juice-Tin) have created the first flash shooter that models the Halo series and has not been crap.

Don't get me wrong, the two designers did in no way rip off Halo; God no. But they did do something even better...

They rivaled it.

It's not apples to apples, true, but think. It's a whole lot easier to got to Armor Games and play the Raze games than illegally find a copy of the flash drive-compatible Halo 1 game. I would actually prefer Raze 2 to Halo 1 on the flash drive. It's easier to access and has hundreds of match seetings to toy with.

The real topic, then. Raze 3. It's rumored to have multiplayer and is projected to be on Armor Games sometime in the early Spring of 2013. New weapon upgrades are expected, better

armor customization is desired and deeper campaign storylines would be awesome. But consider one thing: It's a flash game, NOT a platform game.

Good things will come to fluition in Raze 3, but most of the work will most defintely go into supporting multiplayer play in live time. I would love missions in the campiagn where you would have to reach multiple goals and go to different rooms and have realistic A.I. opponents (like if the back is turned, they can't see you yet, for example), but give the designers some slack. Again I say, IT's A FLASH GAME.

Sorry if I'm stepping on any toes here, but at least I could've at least shown you a little of the future.

For now, you can only wait...

For Raze 3, the long-awaited sequel to the ever-popular and appraised Raze series. I can say with confidence that AddisonR and Juice-Tin have been hard at work on the nest installment and that you will not be let down.