I became a zombie.

I remember very little after they took my journal away. "Too dangerous," the doctors said. "Recording what you've seen isn't healthy for anyone." Yeah, bull. I was put to sleep in a cryo-chamber and was awakened only to save the world again.

I'm not a friggin' machine, I'm a human being. I'm a soldier, not a weapon. I have a conscience, a moral code.

So I escaped cryo the second time. I researched and made my own antidote to the zombie virus, now called OZVS. I've run away to the farthest place from the Raze program. I'm on my own. I'm an army of one.

You could say I came back from the dead. The day I left the Raze base, I declared that I was no longer a disposable weapon for use in war. I will fight this war, but I'll fight it alone. You see, I was dead back then.

I'm a zombie now.

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