Human 1

The Raze soldier that turned the tide of the first "Raze War."

March 2, 2117::Entry 1

When I joined the service, they asked me if I wanted to take part in a special program called "Raze." Of course I said yes; the pay was much better. Plus, they told me I could better serve my country. I consider myself a patriot.


The original Raze soldier armor, called the "Serbium-III" was voted too lanky did not offer proper protection to all elements (namely acid). The armor was revised by Terggenheim Labs in Germany and called the "Serbium-II"; it was far more efficient than it's predecessor.

When I arrived in Washington, they took me to a secure location called by some other soldiers on my airbus as "The Plant."

I was put into tube as soon as I got there. After I had spent three weeks of soaking in a goo called "Serbium," I had increased muscled growth, advanced healing capabilities and could shoot the wings off a fly.

There were 8,000 of us in the beginning, but in the next months of war against the aliens (called "The Pact"), I hope we will not lose all.

Raze squadrons consist of 2 Raze soliers and 10 regulars. I am isolated though, and fight on my own with various squadrons on occasion. I trained alone; no one taught me. Dr. Gertfrei says I'm "special."

Today, I fought the aliens for the first time. They attacked the Plant and tried to steal our weapons technology, but we held them off. They were terrifying. If I hadn't been enhanced in combat techniques, I would've been killed. I don't remember any of it; it was all a blur. I can only hope that the Raze program works, because these aliens are strong in number.

I fear for the human race.