April 16, 2117:: Entry 3

The robotic armor worked well. I hardly took any damage at all. The scientists in Germany were thrilled, but now it seems that the aliens want to destroy any robotic technology we have.

Sgt. Johnson 1

A scene from the decimated ship.

I was on a transport ship in the robotic armor and for some reason the other prototypes went berserk, trying to destroy everything on the ship, including me. I held them off, but required evac from the ship. It was in pretty bad shape. My oxygen supply was nearly drained by the time the rescue team got to me. When the bouncer (extraction team leader) got to me, he mumbled, "Never thought I'd be rescuing a Raze soldier." It made me think. They look to me for hope. I inspire them to lay down their lives for the war. It's a moving feeling. I don't exactly like it.