I killed people.

They were zombies, but they were people. It was horrible.

First though, I better start from the beginning. Sgt. Johnson took a sqaud into downtown L.A. to check out some damage done to a building in the East Sector overnight. Turns out that an alien beacon had been placed in two seperate buildings. All the people inside were dead; the buildings looted and trashed.

Then, an ambush. Johnson lost his entire sqaud; I was sent in for backup. We seemed to be making quick work of most of the aliens... Then the zombies came.

All the dead bodies in the buildings came to life with the alien beacon's power. They were so damage-resistent, too. A well-placed sniper bullet in the dome didn't always kill them. We eventually finished them off, but by the time we killed some, more had reanimated.

We were pulled out for a few hours until they equipped me with a new armor. It helped; we finished off the last zombies in no time.

I used many weapons today, and I'm getting better at my aim with every day. I'm really starting to become the soldier they want me to be.

Which scares me.