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  • Misteus

    This wiki needs help.

    March 15, 2020 by Misteus

    I am making this blog post to tell you why this wiki is bad.

    Anybody could come here and spam in a bunch of edits and pages, deleting good edits, spamming...

    And no one could stop it, the owner of this wikia has been offline since a long time now, and i doubt the admins are still online.

    The wiki is mostly dead, no one comes online, and it's just....abandoned.

    I think this wikia needs a revamp, and, although it may be considered as "advertising" i think we should create a new Raze wikia for everything, although i have already made one, i'm not publishing it here.

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  • Misteus

    Raze 2 is underrated.

    March 15, 2020 by Misteus

    As we all know, the Raze saga isn't just a known one, not only because they use Flash, a tool going to disappear in 2020, but also considering it hasn't been advertised.

    The games however, are great, sometimes their story can be confusing, but it tries to be clear.

    This is the case about Raze 2, although Raze 1 is pretty much the same, i think Raze 2 deserves the cake.

    Raze 2 added what Raze 1 couldn't, the graphics, new story, new characters, missions, and i still get to remember playing the game when i was bored browsing on Armor Games.

    Raze 1 fails to explain a few things, and is unclear in most cases, however, Raze 2 hasn't been that played, the game was obviously put much more effort into, and, many players of the community play hacked ve…

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